Bokhara Hand-knotted Beige and Pink Wool Rug 3 x 5.



Size : 3′ 1″ x 5′ 4″
Primary color of this rug is beige
100% hand-knotted rug with pile.
This rug is very soft to walk on.

Bokhara is a term commonly used to describe Tekke-faced rugs. Tekke was a tribe from the area of Bokhara in Central Asia. The design is dominated by rows of guls and surrounding geometric patterns. The Tekke tribe is also thought to have incorporated some design aspects of the Salor tribe, also from the area of Bokhara in Central Asia. Some historians suggest that the Tekke most likely vanquished the original Salor tribe and assimilated their designs. Today “Bokhara” designed rugs are made across the carpet-weaving world, including Pakistan, Iran, India, Turkey, Afghanistan, and Central Asia.

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