Chobi Hand-knotted turkmen rug

Chobi Hand-knotted turkmen rug

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Size: 8' 7" x 12' 1" (feet)

Origin: Afghanistan
High quality heavy rug.

It is a brand new well-made hand-knotted rug made with the soft wool by Afghan Turk-men. This elegantly faded handmade Afghan chobi rug which would seamlessly work in a classic or contemporary interior. Washed and faded with organic vegetable dye colors can make this rug easy to blend and harmonize with any furniture or decor. 

Chobi rugs were a response to the North American fashion taste that intended to modify the boldness of the traditional rugs in order to give a muted and antique look of natural wood color that was desired by modern fashion industry. Chobi was developed in Lahore and Weaving centers were set up in border region of Pakistan and Afghanistan where they were mostly produced for the North American market. Several years ago a company named Rug-man invested a significant amount of money to create workshops in the region to weave chobi rugs. To meet the demand, Western carpet importers and department stores worked with Eastern producers to create new, modified oriental styles. One of the most famous designs of that time -- the Ziegler -- has clear echoes in today's chobi.