Terracotta pink handmade rug size 4x6 ft

Terracotta pink handmade rug size 4x6 ft

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100% hand-knotted wool & silk rug.

Size: Size 4' 0" x 6' 5"

Origin: Afghanistan


This rug can be excellent gift for house warming. A gift for wife or girlfriend for home decor. Can also be beautiful gift for baby-shower or gift for office.

Bokhara rugs come from the Bukhara region of modern-day Uzbekistan.It is said that the style, now known as Bokhara, was originally called Tekke bokharas after the rugs became so highly loved throughout empires. The rug eventually took on the name of the city Bukhara. People also mistake Persian rugs as Bokhara rugs as they are closely related.

This rug is also classified as Persian rugs in chain of Oriental Rugs! However, many surrounding regions craft Bokhara rugs. Although the most luxurious and popular Bokhara rugs come from Pakistan, Bokhara rugs are crafted in Turkey, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, and Afghanistan.

Bokhara rugs are usually Tekke faced and are defined by their symmetrical patterns of repeated oval or diamond-shaped motifs. They are traditionally designed with tones of rich Red but also feature Green, Rose, Ivory, and Grey hues. 

Different type of bokhara

Salor Bokhara Rugs
Salor Bokharas were originally crafted by the Salor tribe who lived just North of the northern Afghan border. Usually red in color and defined by at least one symmetrical row of octagons, these Bokhara rugs are beautiful. Every octagon usually features a smaller octagon or diamond within its border. The interior sides of each octagon usually feature one to three flowers. 

Tekke Bokhara
Tekke Bokharas are one of the most prized oriental rugs styles and are usually divided into two types:

Royal Bokhara Rugs (non-prayer rugs) 
Princess Bokhara Rugs (prayer rugs) 
Royal Bokhara Rugs:
Usually, feature a red primary with multiple rows of elongated renditions of octagons joined horizontally and vertically with lines and alternating small diamond motifs — a style also known as a window pane design.

Yomud Bokhara 
Yomud Bokharas are named after the large Yomud tribe whom are located over most of Central Asia. Yomud bokhara rugs have a more Caucasian-like (meaning from the Caucus region) design. They feature a deep red field with either Persian or Turkish knots.

One of the most common designs has the field divided into four by a Greek cross, with small white octagons woven in the quarters. A less common design has an all over field of a diamond lattice pattern with geometric medallions within each diamond.

How do I style a Bokhara Rug?

One of the main purposes of rugs is to define the space. One of my client placed a 2x3 Bokhara rug in this sitting area to add purpose to the open floor plan. 

Meanwhile, another client placed their 2x3 Bokara rug under the bench of their piano, helping give purpose and a soft place for the musician's heels to rest while playing. The wool also allows for excellent noise cancellation.

If you are recording, the wool will absorb any echo to provide excellent recording quality. You can also place one large rug under the entire piano for even more echo-cancellation.

Again, defining the space is key. This client choose to go for an asymmetrical look, but you can totally even things out by placing this Bokhara rug in the center, under chairs.